Christmas Needlepoint

Christmas needlepoint canvases including needlepoint Christmas stockings and needlepoint ornaments, mittens, mini stockings, socks, and holiday-themed pillows.
778 results
Keep Calm and Stitch on needlepoint ornament
Chicago Needlepoint Travel Round
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Miami
New York Needlepoint Ornament
Rome Needlepoint Ornament
Paris Needlepoint Ornament
London Needlepoint Ornament
Needlepoint Ornament Turquoise Nutcracker - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Christmas Card Stocking.
Football Ornament -- pick your team - Canvas Only
Orlando Needlepoint Travel Round
Cross: Peaches and Greens - Canvas Only
Cross: South Western colors - Canvas Only
Cross: Peacock feathers - Canvas Only
Birthday Angel from Painted Pony - Canvas Only
Bird house needlepoint ornament by Mary Charles
Farm house ornament by Mary Charles - canvas only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Ornament Watermelon Moon
Charley Harper Needlepoint Ornament White Coat
Charley Harper Bee Needlepoint Ornament on Green
Charley Harper Brrrd Bath Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Octobermania Needlepoint Ornament.
Charley Harper Coniferous Cardinal Needlepoint Ornament
Light blue bird ornament - Canvas Only
Red Bird with Diamonds - Canvas Only
Pippin Studio Baubles - Canvas Only
Pippin Studio Baubles
From $98.00
Dela Horse Ornament    - Canvas Only
Dela Horse Ornament
From $48.00
Holiday Cheer Ornament   - Canvas Only
Otter Ornament  - Canvas Only
Otter Ornament
From $48.00
Bear Ornament - Canvas Only
Football Ornament -- Philadelphia Eagles shown - Canvas Only
Checkerboard Penguin Mini Mitten by Julie Mar
Skating Bird Mini Mitten needlepoint by Julie Mar
Skating Bird Mini Mitten
From $25.00 $42.00
Polar Bear Mini Mitt needlepoint by Julie Mar
Polar Bear Mini Mitt
From $42.00
Three Playful Penguins Needlepoint Mini Mitten
Fat Cardinal Christmas mitt  - Canvas Only
778 results