Dog Needlepoint

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Midnight Basset Hound Needlepoint Ornament
Puppy Seasons: Winter
Puppy Seasons: Winter
From $66.00
Dogs with Garland: Golden Retriever
Dogs with Garland: Doxon
Maggie Needlepoint Checking out the girls
Scottie's on porch needlepoint
Midnight Irish Setter Needlepoint Ornament
Midnight Beagle Needlepoint Ornament
Annie Lane needlepoint Home Town.
Yorkie puppy in purse
Yorkie puppy in purse
From $59.00
Maggie Needlepoint<BR>Fetch It Yourself - Canvas Only
Greyhounds by Terry Runyan   - Canvas Only
Multi-Colored German Shepherd
White Poodle Needlepoint Off The Couch - Canvas Only
Basset Hound - Canvas Only
Basset Hound
From $139.00
Dog and Window needlepoint
Dog and Window
From $122.00
Black Lab Dog Needlepoint by Stephen Fowler - 13 mesh - Canvas Only
Colorful Frenchie - Canvas Only
Colorful Frenchie
From $152.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Claws
Dachshund Needlepoint by Stephen Fowler - Canvas Only
Beagle Dog Needlepoint by Stephen Fowler - Canvas Only
Westie With Red Collar
Relaxing at the Beach by Vicky Mount
Dachshund 4th of July Celebration Needlepoint
Dachshund Spring by Dianna Swartz
Dog with Tree Mini Stocking ornament
Pug Needlepoint Ornament by Janet White
I Love You Dog Bone Needlepoint Ornament
P is for Poodle & Polka Dots by Melissa Prince
Rover and the Moon Mini Stocking
Rover in X-Mas Tree Mini Stocking
Rainbow bridge w/ Yellow Lab Needlepoint Ornament
Weiner stack by Terry Runyan
Patchwork Dog by April Murphy
Sand Dollar by BP Designs
Puppy Seasons: Spring
Puppy Seasons: Spring
From $66.00
99 results