Fun & Whimsical Needlepoint

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Oscar Wilde needlepoint kit
Shakespeare needlepoint kit
Beach Boys needlepoint by Vicky Mount for Julie Mar Designs.
Beach Boys
From $175.00
No Bad Vibes - Currently unavailable
Cardinal Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Strawberries by Thorn Alexander
Blue Bird Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Waiting For Dinner
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Daisy Chain
Vespa: To the Beach by Melissa Prince
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Feed Me
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Feed Me
From $126.65 $149.00
Pippin Studio Multi-colored Bauble
Pippin Studio Bauble with Star
Vespa: Mediterranean Diet by Melissa Prince
Keeping Warm ornament by Ryan Conners
It Takes a Village by Sandi Garris
Scooter Easy Needlepoint
Frank Lloyd Wright -Waterlilies
Pink Graphic Flower by Pepperberry Designs
Boots with Tiger Lilies Coaster
Boots with Tiger Lilies Coaster
From $23.50 $59.00
Chihuahua puppy in purse
Six whimsical pups needlepoint by Julie Mar
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace & Love
Colorful baby elephant - Canvas Only
Pippin Studio Baubles - Canvas Only
Pippin Studio Baubles
From $98.00
Cosmo Girl - Canvas Only
Cosmo Girl
From $129.00
Cat Party Needlepoint
Cat Party Needlepoint
From $129.00
Max the Snowman by Pepperberry Designs with stitch guide*
Pippin Studio Red & Orange Bauble
Boots with Yellow Flowers Coaster
Windows of Milan: Girl on chair by Melissa Prince
Vespa: Farm to Table by Melissa Prince
Rooster Plumage by Terry Runyan
Blue Vase -Quilt Block #1 by Sue Spargo
245 results