Fun & Whimsical Needlepoint

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I Veuve You More Than Bubbles - Canvas Only
Beach Boys needlepoint by Vicky Mount for Julie Mar Designs.
Beach Boys
From $165.00
No Bad Vibes - Currently unavailable
Hermes Hippie
Hermes Hippie
From $175.00
Oscar Wilde needlepoint kit
Shakespeare needlepoint kit
Strawberries by Thorn Alexander
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Waiting For Dinner - Canvas Only
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Feed me - Canvas Only
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Daisy Chain
Vespa: Mediterranean Diet by Melissa Prince
Chihuahua puppy in purse
Scooter Easy Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Colorful baby elephant - Canvas Only
Keeping Warm ornament by Ryan Conners
Blue Vase -Quilt Block #1 by Sue Spargo
Three Days of Peace and Music needlepoint of Woodstock from Purple Palm
Six whimsical pups needlepoint by Julie Mar
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea
From $126.00 $149.00
Vespa: To the Beach by Melissa Prince
LOVE Heart
LOVE Heart
From $96.00
Needlepoint-for-fun stitcher on red sofa
Windows of Milan: Hats by Melissa Prince
Windows of Milan: Girl on chair by Melissa Prince
Going through HELL
Going through HELL
From $86.00
Princesses by Pippin Studios
Westie Puppy In Purse
Westie Puppy In Purse
From $59.00
Dog Caravan needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar
Long Day needlepoint by Julie Mar
Beach Girls: Long Day
From $69.00
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
JP Needlepoint Leo the Lionhearted - Canvas Only
Leo the Lionhearted
From $122.00
My Secret Garden - Canvas Only
My Secret Garden
From $115.00
Peering In
Peering In
From $169.00
A folk art needlepoint angel in a window.
Pippin Studio Baubles - Canvas Only
Pippin Studio Baubles
From $98.00
The Writer's Room Handpainted Needlepoint - Canvas Only
181 results