Fun & Whimsical Needlepoint

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Oscar Wilde needlepoint kit
Shakespeare needlepoint kit
Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs: Blue Bird
Beach Boys needlepoint by Vicky Mount for Julie Mar Designs.
Beach Boys
From $175.00
Vespa: Mediterranean Diet by Melissa Prince -
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Waiting For Dinner
Frank Lloyd Wright -Waterlilies
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea
Beach Girls: Floating Comfort
Hermes Hippie
Hermes Hippie
From $164.00 $195.00
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Feed Me
It Takes a Village by Sandi Garris
Six Whimsical Pups Needlepoint
Life's a Beach  - Canvas Only
The Queen's Jubilee Crown Needlepoint Kit
Pippin Studio Hummingbirds
Hamsa Needlepoint Bright Colors
Pippin Studio Bauble with Star
Boots with Tiger Lilies Coaster
Boots with Tiger Lilies Coaster
From $23.50 $59.00
Scooter Easy Needlepoint
Monogram Wreath Ornament: PICK YOUR LETTER
Whimsical St Patrick's Day Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs: Chickadee
Pink Graphic Flower by Pepperberry Designs
Windows of Milan: Hats by Melissa Prince
Vespa: Farm to Table by Melissa Prince
Frank Lloyd Wright - Heath House window
Whimsical Valentine's Day Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Whimsical Witch Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs: Robin
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace, Love & Ying Yang
Frank Lloyd Wright -Balloons
Playbill: Hamilton
Playbill: Hamilton
From $62.00
Silly Monkey Needlepoint
Groovy Girl on Red Couch
235 results