Holiday Needlepoint

Holiday needlepoint including Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July.
72 results
Needlepoint Heart Ornament Kit Stars and Stripes
Bunny needlepoint ornament by Charley Harper HC0262
Day of the Dead Halloween Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Welcome Wreath Needlepoint
Animal Skeletons by D DeRusha - Canvas Only
Jacobean Pumpkin - Canvas Only
Jacobean Pumpkin
From $129.00
Mr Bojangles Halloween Needlepoint  Ornament - Canvas Only
Skeleton Halloween Ornament
Sold Out
Basket of Bounty by Janet Stever
Dancers Folk Art by Denise DeRusha
Musician Folk Art by Denise DeRusha
Spring Welcome Needlepoint
Farm To Table Needlepoint
Colonial needlepoint by Melissa Prince
It's All about the SHOES!  - Canvas Only
Buntings stars on stripes - Canvas Only
Stripes mini star - Canvas Only
Stripes Mini Star
From $45.00
Poison bottle Owl Hoots needlepoint - Canvas Only
Poison bottle Putrid Pumpkin Halloween needlepoint  - Canvas Only
Wedding Skeletons by D DeRusha - Canvas Only
BOO - 3 Halloween Ornaments
Sold Out
Party Jack-O'Lantern Halloween Ornament
Ghost Halloween Ornament
Bunnies at the Windowsill
Bunnies at the Windowsill
From $119.00 $149.00
Easter Bunny butt
Easter Bunny butt
From $77.00 $97.00
Brown Bunny Easter Egg
Brown Bunny Easter Egg
From $34.00 $39.00
Welcome Home Needlepoint
Floral American Flag by Kirk & Bradley
All American Luggage tag insert  - Canvas Only
Duckling Needlepoint Egg
Bride of Frankenstein needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar Designs.
Bride of Frankenstein
From $49.00 $72.00
Black Cat Halloween Ornament
Owl Halloween Ornament
Flying Witch Halloween Ornament
Haunted House Halloween Ornament
Three Witches by Pippin Studios
72 results