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Handpainted needlepoint designs and kits that are in stock now! Get stitching sooner with one of these gorgeous designs...
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Boss Lady Needlepointer by Gayla Elliot
Charley Harper Bug that Bugs No One Needlepoint Ornament
Burrowing Owl mini by Charley Harper
Charley Harper Purple Martin Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Blackheaded Grosbeak Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Downy, Grosbeak & Bunting Needlepoint Ornament
Brown Leopard Belt Buckle kit
Navy Lattice clutch
Navy Lattice clutch
From $89.00 $99.00
Gingerbread Man Stocking topper
Gingerbread Man Stocking topper
From $114.00 $127.00
Gingerbread Man on green stripes Needlepoint Ornament
Posies belt buckle kit
Stripes belt buckle kit
Pink Cameo belt buckle kit
Daisies belt buckle kit
Blue Leopard Belt Buckle kit
Mid-Century Floral Needlepoint Kit
Mid-Century Buttercup Needlepoint Kit
Retro Ornaments: Boots
Retro Ornaments: Skis
Retro Ornaments: Skis
From $55.00
Retro Ornaments: Sled
Retro Ornaments: Sled
From $55.00
Retro Ornaments: Skates
Retro Ornaments: Christmas Tree
Vintage Ornaments: Airplane
Vintage Ornaments: Drum
Vintage Ornaments: Truck
Vintage Ornaments: Bells
Dala Horses Folk Art design
Polish Folk Art: floral design
Christmas Bags by Kathy Schenkel: Angel
Christmas Bags by Kathy Schenkel: Gingerbread man
Christmas Bags by Kathy Schenkel: Toy Soldier
Christmas Bags by Kathy Schenkel: Snowman
Christmas Bags by Kathy Schenkel: Elf
Christmas Bags by Kathy Schenkel: Santa
Birdhouse w/Kitten mini stocking by Kathy Schenkel
Santa ornament by Pepperberry Designs
1389 results