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Handpainted needlepoint designs and kits that are in stock now! Get stitching sooner with one of these gorgeous designs...
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Young Frankenstein by JulieMar   - Canvas Only
Young Frankenstein by JulieMar
From $49.00 $72.00
Count Dracula needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar Designs.
Count Dracula
From $49.00 $72.00
Bee on Coneflower Handpainted Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Whitetail
Pierre the Artist by Ryan Conners
Portrait of Marie by Ryan Conners
HoHoHo needlepoint ornament
HoHoHo Santa & Gifts needlepoint ornament
The Next Adventure by Fred Calleri
Mid-Century Modern Needlepoint Bird in a Garden
Canyon Desert Needlepoint - Canvas Only
joy needlepoint ornament by Sandra Gilmore
Joy Ornament
From $88.00
Elvis Pop Art Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Scarecrow Antics by Janet Stever - Canvas Only
Scarecrow Antics
From $75.00 $104.00
Crimson Hibiscus by Karen Dukes   - Canvas Only
Crimson Hibiscus
From $169.00
Klim Summer:  sunset on the boat - canvas only
London Sixties Fashion Needlepoint Kit
New York Sixties Needlepoint
Charley Harper Needlepoint Dolfun
Tropical Birds - Canvas Only
Tropical Birds
From $174.00
Life's a Beach  - Canvas Only
Beach Girls: Life's a Beach
From $54.00 $72.00
Everglades by Burnett & Bradley    - Canvas Only
Niagara Falls by Burnett & Bradley - Canvas Only
Blue Hydrangea<BR> Primavera Needlepoint
Penguins Needlepoint By Anna See
Lighthouse On the Cape
Charley Harper Goldfinch Needlepoint Ornament.
Santa's Gifts Christmas Ornament - Canvas Only
PEACE a Whimsical Christmas Ornament - Canvas Only
Curious Giraffe
Curious Giraffe
From $49.00
Paris Is Always A Good Idea - Canvas Only
Children's Classics Books - Canvas Only
Mid Century Modern Needlepoint Bird's Head
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Tropical Pink - Canvas Only
Tattoo Needlepoint<BR>Peace and Love - Canvas Only
Pansies by Sandi Garris
1186 results