Julie Mar Needlepoint

Handpainted needlepoint canvases from Julie Mar and Friends.
176 results
Needlemania - Canvas Only
From $226.00
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Cape May, NJ Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Point Vicente Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Marblehead Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Marblehead Lighthouse
From $64.00
White Shoals Lighthouse, MI - Canvas Only
Boston LIghthouse - Canvas Only
Boston LIghthouse
From $64.00
Angel's Gate Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Key West Lighthouse ornament - Canvas Only
Southern Most Sunset - Canvas only
Southern Most Sunset
From $138.00
Green Dimensional Christmas Ornament  - Canvas only
Red Dimensional Christmas Ornament - Canvas only
Letter to Santa - Canvas only
Letter to Santa
From $96.00
Holy City Roof Tops - Canvas only
Holy City Roof Tops
From $233.00
No Wake Zone - Canvas Only
No Wake Zone
From $175.00
Salt Water Sunset - Canvas Only
Salt Water Sunset
From $292.00
Key West Cruising - Canvas Only
Key West Cruising
From $285.00
Sponge Docks - Canvas Only
Sponge Docks
From $210.00
Fish or Cut Bait - Canvas Only
Fish or Cut Bait
From $241.00
3 Ladies with Wildflowers needlepoint by Otto de Souza and Purple Palm
The Dawn  by Otto de Souza Aguiar - Canvas only
The Dawn
From $499.00
Tourist Season II - Canvas Only
Tourist Season II
From $332.00
Cattleya purple Orchid needlepoint by Julie Mar
 Cattleya Orchid golden easy stitch needlepoint for beginners
Caught You by Laurie Ludwin  - Canvas Only
Caught You
From $99.00
Arabesque needlepoint by Julie Mar
From $180.00
Beautiful Things - Canvas Only
Beautiful Things
From $124.00 $146.00
Black Cat in Flowers needlepoint kit
Aqua Flower Burst contemporary needlepoint design
Cat Love Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Cat Love Needlepoint
From $129.00 $159.00
An Inquiring Mind
An Inquiring Mind
From $164.00
Big Cat on Pink Couch By Catherine Nolin
176 results