Kreinik Easter Grass

NB: We pull threads based on an estimate of thread use from over 30 years of experience. If your kit or canvas order contains threads, and for whatever reason, you find you need more, there may be an additional charge.

Easter Grass from Kreinik has a transparent and pearlescent look. Use Easter Grass in long stitches on a window pane to make it look glassy, in long stitches on eyeglasses or to replicate anything that you can see through.  Also good for insect wings. 

It is available in multiple sizes - as a blending filament that can be blended with other fibers; as a ribbon to use as a long stitch for more coverage; as a crystalline braid - #12 is for 18 mesh and #16 is for 13-18 mesh canvas.

10 meters per spool.