Blank Needlepoint Canvas

Blank Needlepoint Canvas

Choosing the right blank needlepoint canvas for your needlepoint project is not difficult. We'll help you decide what you need. 

Needlepoint canvas is made from cotton and woven into an open-weave mesh.

Blank needlepoint canvas with 18 holes to the inch is called an "18 mesh canvas" or it is often referred to as "18 count".  A canvas with 12 holes per inch is called a "12 mesh", or "12 count", canvas. The higher the number, the smaller the holes!

Read on to find out more about the types of blank needlepoint canvas.

Blank Needlepoint Canvas - Mono

Mono needlepoint canvas is what is called a single mesh canvas. This simply means it is woven with a single thread. These single threads are woven over and under each other in a typical weaving pattern and held together at the junction by sizing (starch).

Here's what mono blank needlepoint canvas looks like up close...

mono blank needlepoint canvas

Mono blank needlepoint canvas is best used with decorative stitches

Since the intersections are loosely woven together, they will move. You might want them to move if you plan on using a variety of decorative stitches on your canvas. This is why almost all handpainted canvases are on mono needlepoint canvas - stitchers who complete handpainted projects tend to use a lot of decorative stitches and so they want the flexibility that a mono canvas gives them––the canvas intersections will adjust to allow for thicker and thinner stitches and various angles.

Mono needlepoint canvas will distort less.

If you are stitching a tent stitch, and especially if you are not using a frame, then the canvas will inevitably go from a rectangle to a parallelogram. Using mono canvas will prevent this, somewhat, but more importantly, it will be easier to block the design back into its original shape.

Mono needlepoint canvas is best for projects that might suffer from wear and tear.

Mono blank needlepoint canvas is the best choice for stitching projects that are going to be used as furnishings, such as chair cushions. Mono canvas is heavier and stronger. Also, because it "gives" at the intersections it is less likely to break at these intersections.

Size Matters

Mono blank needlepoint canvas is available in  10 mesh through 18 mesh. The size you need will depend upon the threads you plan to use and the level of detail in the design. 18 count canvas is for finer threads and 10 count is for tapestry wool and beginner projects as it accommodates thicker threads. If you are unsure of the size you need, just ask us for advice.

The available colors are white or brown.

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Blank Needlepoint Canvas - Interlock

interlock blank needlepoint canvas

Interlock is also a single thread needlepoint canvas but it is "interlocked" at the junctions - it looks like one thread goes through the middle of another where they intersect.

Interlock blank needlepoint canvas is the best choice for cross stitches.

This interlocking makes the canvas junctions secure and the perfect choice for cross stitches like the Victorian Cross Stitch, where you don't want the canvas to move and distort your stitches. 

Interlock canvas is cheaper.

Interlock blank needlepoint canvas is a good canvas to use for irregular-shaped needlepoint projects––it doesn't fray as easily as mono canvas so you can cut it into circles and shapes and play around with it more.

Interlock needlepoint canvas is lighter and easier to handle and It is cheaper than mono canvas - about half the price.

Available in mesh sizes 10-18 for needlepoint. Color is white.


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Blank Needlepoint Canvas - Penelope

 penelope blank needlepoint canvas

Penelope blank needlepoint canvas is strong and versatile.

Penelope is a double thread canvas which makes it strong and the best choice for furnishings and projects that will get a lot of wear and tear.

With a penelope canvas you can stitch all the holes (this is called petit point), or you can just stitch the big holes (gros point). Most stitchers stitch a penelope needlepoint canvas doing both - they stitch the small holes for the detailed areas of the design, and the large holes using a thicker thread for the background.

Penelope blank needlepoint canvas is only available in size 10/20 - this is 10 holes to the inch if you are only counting the big holes (gros point), or 20 holes to the inch if you are counting all the holes (petit point).

Color is brown.

Buy penelope blank needlepoint canvas.

Buy penelope blank needlepoint canvas here.