Abstract & Ethnic Needlepoint

89 results
Kalia - Canvas Only
Kalia by Sally Corey
From $120.00
Pucci Fantasy by Sally Corey
Hamsa Needlepoint Dove
Lisbon Tile Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Kuba needlepoint pillow canvas design.
It Takes a Village by Sandi Garris
Block Party - Canvas Only
Block Party by Sandi Garris
From $219.00 $234.00
Morocco needlepoint canvas by Unique NZ Designs.
From $86.00
Mountain Sound ski goggles by Thorn Alexander
Mexican Embroidery Needlepoint
Three Girls in Spring
Three Girls in Spring
From $126.00
Masks by Sandi Garris
Masks by Sandi Garris
From $237.00
Seville - Canvas Only
From $86.00
Paris Hotel
Paris Hotel
From $175.00
Circles by Sandi Garris
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace & Love
Cabo - Canvas Only
From $66.00
Shin Bijutsukai Japanese Design Needlepoint
Alhambra by Sally Corey
Adventure by Thorn Alexander
Adventure by Thorn Alexander
From $99.00 $114.00
Kangaroos Leaping
Kangaroos Leaping
From $112.00 $142.00
Italian Tile Needlepoint
African Woman in Red needlepoint by Alice Peterson AP2885
African Woman in Red
From $95.00
African Woman in Blue needlepoint by Alice Peterson.
African Woman in Blue
From $95.00
Ikat needlepoint canvas in blue by Sally Corey
Ottoman Tulips Blue & White Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Tulip Porcelain Art 2 Blue and White Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Oriental Poppies and Palm Leaves - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint Eye of God - currently unavailable
African Sunset - Canvas Only
African Sunset
From $88.00
Frank Lloyd Wright -Saguaro Forms - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint LOVE
Maori Landscape 1 - Canvas Only
Single Lady in Wait facing Right - Canvas only on 13
Ladies in wait
Ladies in wait
From $167.00
Porto Tile - currently unavailable
89 results