Abstract & Ethnic Needlepoint

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Mid-Century Modern Needlepoint Vase
Mountain Sound ski goggles by Thorn Alexander
It Takes a Village by Sandi Garris
Morocco needlepoint canvas by Unique NZ Designs.
From $86.00
Hamsa Needlepoint: The Creation
Lisbon Tile Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint Bright Colors
Mexican Embroidery Needlepoint
Kuba needlepoint pillow canvas design.
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace & Love
Cabo - Canvas Only
From $66.00
Three Girls in Spring
Three Girls in Spring
From $133.00
Italian Tile Needlepoint
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace Love & Music
Masks by Sandi Garris
Masks by Sandi Garris
From $237.00
Tattoo Needlepoint Love - Canvas Only
Colorful Ikat by Sally Corey
Star of David in Bold Stripes
Alhambra by Sally Corey
Cave Writing by Sandi Garris
Ikat needlepoint canvas in blue by Sally Corey
Single Lady in Wait Facing Rightv-- currently available on 18 mesh only
Granada Tile - Canvas Only
Granada Tile
From $56.00
Crazy Cats Needlepoint Canvas
Hamsa Needlepoint: Dream
Hamsa Needlepoint Hearts Galore -
Shin Bijutsukai Japanese Design Needlepoint
Kangaroos Leaping
Kangaroos Leaping
From $142.00
ikat needlepoint blue by Sally Corey
Ottoman Tulips Blue & White Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Tulip Porcelain Art 2 Blue and White Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Oriental Poppies and Palm Leaves - Canvas Only
Oriental Poppies and Palm Leaves
From $185.00 $219.00
Hamsa Needlepoint Dove
African Sunset - Canvas Only
African Sunset
From $76.00 $92.00
Maori Landscape 1 - Canvas Only
Ladies in wait
Ladies in wait
From $167.00
88 results