Geographical Needlepoint

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Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Rockefeller Center
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Brooklyn Bridge
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Rockettes
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint - 18 mesh
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint New York City taxi
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Times Square
Greece Needlepoint Ornament
Texas Needlepoint Ornament
Paris Rooftops Needlepoint Ornament
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint - 13 mesh
La Bella Vita - Italian Countryside-- available on 18 mesh only
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Central Park Ice Skaters
Central Park Needlepoint Travel Round
Mele kaliki Maka Ornament  - Canvas Only
Blue Ridge Mountains Winter Ornament
Paris Rooftops Postcard
Rooftops of London Needlepoint Ornament
Paris Is Always A Good Idea - Canvas Only
Windows of New York: Macy's
Windows of New York: Macy's
From $36.00 $56.00
Dallas Needlepoint Travel Round
African Sunset - Canvas Only
African Sunset
From $76.00 $92.00
Russian Architecture Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Dreaming of Tuscany
Dreaming of Tuscany
From $224.00
Blue Ridge Mountain with Trees Needlepoint Key Fob
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint Key Fob
Arches Utah Needlepoint Ornament
Rocky Mountain Campsite Needlepoint
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint in GREEN- 18 mesh
Windows of New York: Saks
Lederhosen Needlepoint Ornament
Dirndl Needlepoint Ornament
Rome Needlepoint Ornament
Georgia Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Georgia Needlepoint
From $75.00
Hawaii Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Hawaii Needlepoint
From $75.00
Canada Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Canada Needlepoint
From $75.00
86 results