69 results
House by the Lake needlepoint canvas design by Steven Klein
Canyon Desert Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint - 18 mesh
Aroma of Spring II French Countryside
Quilter's Barn by Cindy Lindgren
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint - 13 mesh
Gondolier Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Gondolier Needlepoint
From $219.00
Yosemite National Park needlepoint by Denise De Rusha
Spring Stream
Spring Stream
From $68.00
La Bella Vita - Italian Countryside
Winter Needlepoint design By Machelle Sommerville
Long Day needlepoint by Julie Mar
Charley Harper Needlepoint Manatee in Mangrove
Canoe on a lake
Canoe on a lake
From $72.00
Lavender Fields
Lavender Fields
From $189.00
Lakeside Farm - canvas only
Lakeside Farm
From $68.00
Seaside Panorama - canvas only
Seaside Panorama
From $118.00
Harbor Town - canvas only
Harbor Town
From $118.00
Total Lighthouse  - canvas only
Total Lighthouse
From $68.00
Mountain Lake
Mountain Lake
From $134.00
White Shoals Lighthouse, MI - Canvas Only
Blue Ridge Mountain Needlepoint in GREEN- 18 mesh
Blue Ridge Needlepoint Ornament
Lupine Field Needlepoint Ornament
Blue Ridge Mountains Winter Ornament
Shop Key West Needlepoint
Spring at the Farm
Spring at the Farm
From $170.00 $189.00
Small town Main Street needlepoint canvas by Mary Charles
Small Town Main Street
From $222.00
Adirondack by Cindy Lindgren    - Canvas Only
Lighthouse On the Cape
Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain
From $138.00
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Point Vicente Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Boston LIghthouse - Canvas Only
Boston LIghthouse
From $64.00
Angel's Gate Lighthouse - Canvas Only
Maggie Needlepoint Night Snow Reflections - Canvas Only
69 results