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Needlepoint canvases that have been printed using high quality inks and an accurate printing process so you know just where to place your stitch.
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Iznik Fish and Sailboat Needlepoint Kit
Iznik Sailboat Needlepoint Kit
Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs: Blue Bird
Paris Sixties Fashion Needlepoint
Mid Century Needlepoint Fishing
London Sixties Fashion Needlepoint
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
Modern Shore Bird - Canvas Only
Modern Shore Bird
From $65.00
New York Sixties Needlepoint
Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs: Chickadee
Pink Graphic Flower by Pepperberry Designs
Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs: Robin
Dogs Have Owners Cats Have Staff
Needlepoint-for-fun stitcher on red sofa
Karma Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Karma Needlepoint
From $48.00
Modern Shore Bird Square
Snowman -Patches ornament by Pepperberry Designs
Orange Graphic Flower by Pepperberry Designs
Wagon with gifts ornament by Pepperberry Designs
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Regatta Needlepoint ornament
Snowman - BRRR ornament by Pepperberry Designs
Native American Blanket in yellows & oranges