Vintage and Retro Needlepoint

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Paris Sixties Fashion Needlepoint Kit
London Sixties Fashion Needlepoint Kit
Three Days of Peace and Music needlepoint of Woodstock from Purple Palm
The Classics Novels - Canvas Only
The Classics Novels
From $196.00
Groovy Girl on Red Couch
New York Sixties Needlepoint
Handpainted Needlepoint<BR>Love Postage Stamp - Canvas Only
Elvis Pop Art Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Vogue Lady in Hat - Canvas Only
Vogue Lady in Hat
From $109.00
Judy the Movie Coaster
Downton Abby Coaster - Lady Mary & the Dowager
Downton Abby Coaster - The Royal Visit
Downton Abby Coaster - Lord & Lady Grantham
Waiting for a Friend by Fred Calleri
Finding Amelia by Fred Calleri
The Next Adventure by Fred Calleri
Almond on my Mind by Fred Calleri
Tentative Steps by Fred Calleri
Wonderlust by Fred Calleri
The Windy Day
The Windy Day
From $242.00
Vogue Lady with Umbrella - Canvas Only
Vogue Lady with Umbrella
From $179.00 $219.00
Spring Breeze by Otto de Souza Aguiar  - Canvas only
Spring Breeze
From $231.00
Mystique needlepoint by Otto de Souza and Purple Palm
Mystique Needlepoint
From $328.00
Letter to Santa - Canvas only
Letter to Santa
From $96.00
3 Ladies with Wildflowers needlepoint by Otto de Souza and Purple Palm