Easy Handpainted Needlepoint

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Pansies easy to stitch needlepoint on 7 mesh by Julie Mar
Blue Bird - by Sue Spargo
Quilter's Barn by Cindy Lindgren
Kuba needlepoint pillow canvas design.
Patchwork Home Needlepoint
Easy Stitchpainted Needlepoint Birds On A Chandelier - Canvas Only
Pink Bird - by Sue Spargo
LOVE Heart
LOVE Heart
From $96.00
Kangaroos Leaping
Kangaroos Leaping
From $112.00 $142.00
Hummingbird Summer Easy Stitch needlepoint by Julie Mar on 7 mesh canvas.
Cattleya Orchid needlepoint in pinks for easy stitching needlepoint
Green Brontosaurus Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Buffalo by Cindy Lindgren
Taos - Southwestern blanket
Hollyhock Garden Easy Stitch Needlepoint
Green Bird - by Sue Spargo
Bright Blue Bird - by Sue Spargo
Southwest Square - pink
Southwest Square - blue
Easy to stitch floral Cosmos needlepoint by Julie Mar on 7 mesh canvas
Pink Birds needlepoint canvas by Melissa Prince
Handpainted Needlepoint<BR>Love Postage Stamp - Canvas Only
Beth Gantz Needlepoint Custom Names<BR>Green and Pink Spots - Canvas Only 1-5 letters
Baseball LOVE - Canvas Only
Baseball LOVE
From $72.00
Beth Gantz Needlepoint Bubbles Alphabet in Pink & Lime  - Canvas Only
Beth Gantz Needlepoint Bubbles Alphabet in Blue & black - Canvas Only
Kuba Needlepoint Pillow 2
Great Blue Heron by Cindy Lindgren - Canvas Only
Aqua Flower Burst
Aqua Flower Burst
From $180.00
Morning Glories Easy Stitch Needlepoint
Leopard spots - Navy & Blue
Leopard spots - gold & black
Cattleya purple Orchid needlepoint by Julie Mar
 Cattleya Orchid golden easy stitch needlepoint for beginners
Llama with tree needlepoint by Tapestry Fair
Beth Gantz Needlepoint Custom Names<BR>Pink and Blue Spots - Canvas Only 1-5 Letters
51 results