Needlepoint Techniques

There are many needlepoint techniques you can learn to improve your stitching skills.

Check out this library of needlepoint skills, techniques and general instructions for finishing a needlepoint canvas.

How To Needlepoint Instructions

How to Needlepoint instructions.

Basic needlepoint tips.

How to start and end a needlepoint thread.

Finishing Techniques:

How to block needlepoint - find out how to easily block your needlepoint canvas back into shape before you frame it or make a pillow.

How to Frame A Needlepoint Canvas - a step by step process for a contemporary style of needlepoint framing using craft store supplies.

How To Finish A Needlepoint Ornament - without using a professional finisher. You can do this at home with basic supplies.

How To Finish a Pincushion or Small Needlepoint Pillow.

How To Finish a Round Needlepoint Design as a Picture.

Display and finishing ideas for small needlepoint canvases.

How to make a round ornament from a square or rectangular design.


Stitching Techniques:

How To Get Even Needlepoint Stitch Tension - ten tips for ensuring your needlepoint stitches are smooth and even.

How to make a waste knot.

Should you use needlepoint stretcher bars - useful tools to keep your canvas taut and your stitches even.

How and when to use a needle trolley laying tool.

Needlepoint Couching - a fun use for needlepoint couching which is where you lay thread on top of the canvas so it adds texture and outline to a feature.

Needlepoint couching basics.

How to Perfect the Needlepoint Basketweave Stitch - get a better looking needlepoint basketweave stitch and solve any problems you have with it.

Needlepoint basketweave stitch stitching up the steps and down the poles - find out what this means and how to perfect your basketweave stitch.

How to break down a complicated needlepoint stitch - some needlepoint stitches have multiple steps or components to them. Find out how to stitch a more complicated needlepoint stitch.

Four ways to stitch a needlepoint curve.

How to stitch needlepoint when an intersection has more than one color. Sometimes needlepoint canvases are painted or printed where it is not clear what color to use.

How to stitch in shading on your needlepoint canvas. Some canvases have been painted with a lot of color gradation and this can seem daunting. Read about a few simple ways to deal with shading on a needlepoint canvas.

How to plan out your needlepoint canvas. How do you decide what and how many decorative stitches to use.

How to apply lettering to a needlepoint canvas - ways to stitch an alphabet to a stocking top or other part of a needlepoint canvas.

Why you might have lines appearing in your needlepoint basketweave.

How to needlepoint a line using an Outline Stitch. A great technique for curved and skinny lines.

Four easy ways to needlepoint hair.

Four stitches for hills and mountains.

How to outline objects in needlepoint.

How to needlepoint a face - learn some simple rules and ideas for stitching faces in needlepoint.

Needlepoint Stitches for Owls' Eyes - what are some useful stitching techniques and needlepoint stitches to use on owls' eyes.

Repousse Needlework - what is it and how to use it.

Needlepoint Threads and Fibers:

Using wool and wool blends.

Using over-dyed or hand-painted threads in needlepoint.

Book and Product Reviews:

The Needlepoint Book - a book review of this iconic needlepoint instruction and technique book by Jo Ippolito. 

It's About Darn Time - a review of this useful needlepoint book that offers a library of darning stitches.

General Information:

How to estimate needlepoint yarn quantity. Find out how to work out how much thread you will need to stitch your needlepoint canvas.

How to use thread types to make an area stand out - and how to order different thread types from this website.

How to tape the edges of your needlepoint canvas. Do this before you start stitching so yourdon't catch your threads on the raw edges of the canvas.

How to clean needlepoint.

Which type of needlepoint canvas to use for your project.

Tips for how to thread a tapestry needle.

The best tools to take when traveling with your needlepoint.

How to stitch a penelope needlepoint canvas.

How to use a needle threader. Watch a short video on how to thread a needle using a needle threader.

How to repair needlepoint canvas. If you have cut or torn your canvas there are a few simple ways to repair it.

How to rip out needlepoint. Everyone makes mistakes; here's how to rip out your needlepoint stitches so you can start again.

How to Choose a Needlepoint Kit - what do you get when you choose a needlepoint kit or a canvas with threads?

How to paint a design onto needlepoint canvas.

What is the difference between cross stitch and needlepoint? We are often asked this question. Of course, we are biased, but here's a run down of the basic differences.

Stitch Guides:

Needlepoint stitch guide for Little Panda by Animal Fayre

Cosmo Girl by Voila!