Sayings Needlepoint

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I Veuve You More Than Rose - Canvas Only
I Veuve You More Than Bubbles - Canvas Only
No Bad Vibes - Canvas Only
No Bad Vibes
From $155.00
Three Days of Peace and Music needlepoint of Woodstock from Purple Palm
It's All about the SHOES!  - Canvas Only
Hermes Hippie - Canvas Only
Hermes Hippie
From $165.00
Nap Queen  - Canvas Only
Nap Queen
From $49.00
The Queen Is In Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Keep Calm and Needlepoint (Red)
No Dogs On This Sofa Needlepoint (Mocha) - Canvas Only
Simmer down - Canvas Only
Simmer down
From $52.00
Paw Love - Canvas Only
Paw Love
From $52.00
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea What Time?
Heart of America needlepoint canvas
Heart of America
From $99.00
Keep Calm and Stitch On (Blue)
Keep Calm and Needlepoint
Keep Calm and Needlepoint (Blue)
Keep Calm and Carry On (Red)
Princess by Pippin Studios
Golf Bags Classics by Pippin Studios
Give it your OLIVE
Give it your OLIVE
From $79.00
From $79.00
Oy to the World needlepoint design.
Keep Calm and Be Merry needlepoint
Keep Calm & Love Cats (Orange) - Canvas Only
I Tried ornament  - Canvas Only
I Tried ornament
From $50.00
Have a  Cool Yule - Canvas Only
Have a Cool Yule
From $43.00
Fa La La Christmas needlepoint with Baubles by Raymond Crawford
Espresso Yourself  - Canvas Only
Espresso Yourself
From $42.00
Eat Drink and Be Merry Needlepoint by Associated Talents
Define Good - Canvas Only
Define Good
From $46.00
Beauty & the Beast by Alice Peterson  - Canvas Only
Love Is A Four Legged Word - Canvas Only
Beautiful Things - Canvas Only
Beautiful Things
From $146.00
Voltaire Saying - Canvas Only
Voltaire Saying
From $148.00
Paris Is Always A Good Idea - Canvas Only
62 results