Seascapes & Sea Animals

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From $67.00
Beach Girls: Floating Comfort
House by the Lake needlepoint canvas design by Steven Klein
Colorful Moon shells
Colorful Moon shells
From $41.00 $64.00
Ocean View
Ocean View
From $148.00
Three Fish Needlepoint by Alice Peterson
Three Fish Needlepoint
From $179.00
Saved it! - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Manatee in Mangrove - Canvas Only
Tropical Fish by Amanda Lawford
Spring landscape by Amanda Lawford
Crab square by Amanda Lawford
Charley Harper Needlepoint Brrrrrrthday Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Needlepoint Romance on the Richter Scale.
Ocean Collage - Canvas Only
Ocean Collage
From $196.00
Life's a Beach  - Canvas Only
Beach Girls: Life's a Beach
From $54.00 $72.00
Sailboat at the Shore
Sailboat at the Shore
From $77.00
Seaside Panorama - canvas only
Seaside Panorama
From $118.00
Harbor Town - canvas only
Harbor Town
From $118.00
Total Lighthouse  - canvas only
Total Lighthouse
From $68.00
Pink fish ornament  - Canvas Only
Pink fish ornament
From $26.00 $39.00
Fish square by Amanda Lawford
Seahorses by Amanda Lawford
Beachside - My Spot 5 x 5
Charley Harper Needlepoint Right Tern
Charley Harper Needlepoint Ornament White Coat
Charley Harper Needlepoint Devotion Ocean - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Dolfun
Silver Dollar Shell - Canvas Only
Silver Dollar Shell
From $47.00 $59.00
Scalloped shell - Canvas Only
Scalloped shell
From $47.00 $59.00
Paradise Lost by Thorn Alexander - Canvas Only
Fishtank by J Child - Canvas only
Fishtank by J Child
From $118.00
Koi Garden needlepoint by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar Designs.
Lighthouse On the Cape
Sea Traveler by Karen Dukes - canvas only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Scary Scenario - Canvas Only
Shaking Off The Sand - Canvas Only
55 results