Seascapes & Sea Animals

43 results
House by the Lake needlepoint canvas design by Steven Klein
Charley Harper Needlepoint Devotion Ocean - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Romance on the Richter Scale.
Three Fish Needlepoint by Alice Peterson
Three Fish Needlepoint
From $169.00
Sailboat at the shore - Canvas Only
Sailboat at the shore
From $73.00
Paradise Lost by Thorn Alexander - Canvas Only
Lakeside Farm - canvas only
Lakeside Farm
From $68.00
Harbor Town - canvas only
Harbor Town
From $118.00
Lighthouse on the hillside  - canvas only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Scary Scenario - Canvas Only
Shaking Off The Sand - Canvas Only
Shaking Off The Sand
From $68.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Right Tern
Charley Harper Needlepoint Brrrrrrthday Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Needlepoint Ornament White Coat
Charley Harper Needlepoint White Coat  - Canvas Only
Ocean Collage - Canvas Only
Ocean Collage
From $196.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Dolfun
Silver Dollar Shell - Canvas Only
Silver Dollar Shell
From $59.00
Scalloped shell - Canvas Only
Scalloped shell
From $59.00
Saved it! - Canvas Only
Saved it!
From $68.00
Life's a Beach  - Canvas Only
Life's a Beach
From $68.00
Fishtank by J Child - Canvas only
Fishtank by J Child
From $118.00
Starfish by J. Child Designs - Canvas only
Sunrise Tuck needlepoint canvas by Purple Palm
Sunrise Tuck
From $129.00
Fisherman - Canvas Only
From $169.00
Regatta - Canvas Only
From $179.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Manatee in Mangrove - Canvas Only
Koi Garden needlepoint by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar Designs.
Mountains & Sea - canvas only
Mountains & Sea
From $68.00
Klim Summer:  sunset on the dock - canvas only
Klim Summer:  sunset on the boat - canvas only
Seaside Panorama - canvas only
Seaside Panorama
From $118.00
Total Lighthouse  - canvas only
Total Lighthouse
From $68.00
Colorful Coral - Canvas only
Colorful Coral
From $54.00
Colorful Starfish needlepoint canvas by Kamala and JulieMar and Friends.
Colorful Starfish
From $54.00
Sea Traveler by Karen Dukes - canvas only
43 results