Needlepoint Accessories We Love

Our source for stretcher bars, and some other accessories, is unable to ship at this time.  We will try to provide stretcher bars and thumbtacks to frame an already-ordered canvas, but no additional orders for these items can be filled at this time.  We are also unable to supply Hammerhead lights or scissors.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Folding Scissors
Steel Laying tool
Helenz Bag in Polka Dots 10" x 7" - Black polka dot w/black
Needlepoint Luggage Tags in Leather - Black
Sold Out
Stork Embroidery Scissors
Trolley Needle Laying Tool
Helenz Bag in Polka Dots 15" x 15"  - Black polka dot w/black
Needlepoint Scissors Arabesque Gilded
DMC Tapestry Needles - size 18
Needle Threader
Needlepoint Stretcher Bars - 11-13 inch  - 11 Inch
Rosewood Laying Tool
Colorful 4" x 4"  Frames for Your Needlepoint
Colorful 3" Round  Frames for Your Needlepoint
Colorful 3" x 3"  Frames for Your Needlepoint
Daisies belt buckle kit
Pink Cameo belt buckle kit
Stripes belt buckle kit
Brown Leopard Belt Buckle kit