Danji Designs

Handpainted needlepoint canvases from the Danji Designs collection of talented artists.
39 results
Frank Lloyd Wright -Waterlilies
Just Married car ornament - Canvas Only
Red Bird with Diamonds - Canvas Only
Whimsical St Patrick's Day Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Frank Lloyd Wright - Heath House window
Frank Lloyd Wright -Saguaro Forms & Cactus flowers
Frank Lloyd Wright -Balloons
Whimsical Valentine's Day Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Whimsical Witch Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Snowman with Dove & Poinsettia Candy Cane
Christmas Evening needlepoint ornament by Danji Designs
Angel Star ornament
Angel Star ornament
From $56.00
Frank Lloyd Wright -Wisteria
Frank Lloyd Wright -May Basket
Frank Lloyd Wright -Tree of Life
Whimsical St. Patricks Day Cat by Lainey Daniels
Whimsical Valentine Cupcake Cat by Lainey Daniels
Whimsical Santa Cat by Lainey Daniels
Whimsical Peppermint Candy Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Candy Cane - Soccer
Candy Cane - Soccer
From $49.00 $54.00
Blue Bird with Red Scarf
Pumpkin: Diamonds & Plaids
Pumpkin: Quarter patches
Cocktail Squares: Mojito
Cocktail Squares: Mai Tai
Cocktail Squares: Bloody Mary
Cocktail Squares: Martini
School House Ornament
School House Ornament
From $54.00
Sand Dollar by BP Designs
My Mom Makes Christmas Special
Whimsical X-Mas Tree Mouse by Lainey Daniels
Whimsical Snowman Cat by Lainey Daniels
Eiffel Tower Luggage tag insert
Christmas on the Beach
Candy Cane - Ballerina
Candy Cane - Ballerina
From $49.00 $54.00
Black & White Diamonds Luggage tag insert  - Canvas Only
39 results