Bird Needlepoint

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Charley Harper Needlepoint Bluebird - Canvas Only
Cardinal Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Beach Boys needlepoint by Vicky Mount for Julie Mar Designs.
Beach Boys
From $175.00
Birds in a Tree Needlepoint Kit
Blue Bird Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Mid Century Modern Needlepoint Bird in a Garden
1 Partridge in Pear Tree Ornament - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Rainforest Birds Needlepoint Ornament
Three French hens needlepoint ornament by Julie Mar.
Birdhouses Needlepoint Kit
6 Geese A Laying Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar.
4 Calling Birds Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar
Pink Cockatoo Contemporary Needlepoint Kit
Charley Harper Needlepoint Gregarious Grosbeaks
Birds by the Sea - Canvas Only
Birds by the Sea
From $65.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Chorus Line - Canvas Only
Quail Needlepoint
Quail Needlepoint
From $92.00
7 Swans A Swimming Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar
Charley Harper Needlepoint Rainforest Birds
Modern Shore Bird - Canvas Only
Modern Shore Bird
From $65.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Herondipity
2 Turtle Doves Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar
Mexican Embroidery Needlepoint
Cardinal Needlepoint By Anna See
Goldfinch Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
Pippin Studio Hummingbirds --- currently unavailable
Hoopoe by Melissa Prince
Charley Harper Needlepoint Sanderlings Needlepoint Ornament.
Quilt Block #3 by Sue Spargo
Red Bird with Diamonds - Canvas Only
Great White Heron - Canvas Only
Fantail Contemporary Needlepoint Kit
Charley Harper Needlepoint Puffin In Flight  - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Flamingo
Mockingbird Needlepoint
Blue Jay Snowbell by Pepperberry Designs
193 results