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Handpainted needlepoint designs and kits that are in stock now! Get stitching sooner with one of these gorgeous designs...
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Mexican Embroidery Needlepoint
Lakeside Farm - canvas only
Lakeside Farm
From $68.00
Summer Flowers Patchwork Kit
Koi Garden needlepoint by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar Designs.
Roll with it - Canvas Only
Roll with it
From $52.00
Perk Up - Canvas Only
Perk Up
From $52.00
Outnumbered by Terry Runyan  - Canvas Only
Cat on Back by Terry Runyan - Canvas Only
African Beauty by P Duncan-Williams  - canvas only
African Beauty
From $197.00 $232.00
Kirk & Bradley US OPEN Needlepoint Ornament - Canvas Only
Pop Art Needlepoint-I spent the grocery money - Canvas Only
Paw Love - Canvas Only
Paw Love
From $52.00
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Springtime Ride
Keep Calm and Stitch on needlepoint ornament
Ottoman Tulips Blue & White Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Tulip Porcelain Art 2 Blue and White Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Whimsical Needlepoint<BR>Carpe Diem - Canvas Only
No Bad Vibes
No Bad Vibes
From $155.00
Ditsy Daisies Needlepoint Kit
Wagga Wagga abstract needlepoint canvas design.
Wagga Wagga
From $226.00
Farm to Table needlepoint with rooster from Julie Mar
Farm To Table Needlepoint
From $152.00 $158.00
Gone Crazy Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Shakespeare needlepoint kit
Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint Miami - Canvas Only
Karma Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Karma Needlepoint
From $38.00
Soccer LOVE - Canvas Only
Soccer LOVE
From $72.00
White Poppies needlepoint by Karen Dukes
Rose Garden Primavera Needlepoint
POW clutch - Canvas Only
POW clutch
From $108.00
Geisha Girl Clutch  - Canvas Only
Geisha Girl Clutch
From $108.00
Fine Cell Needlework Black Boxing Hares
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Goldfish Gone - Canvas Only
Adirondack by Cindy Lindgren    - Canvas Only
Fat Cardinal Christmas mitt  - Canvas Only
Cat and Dog - Canvas Only
Cat and Dog
From $108.00
Eggplant by Karen Dukes - Canvas Only
1145 results