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Handpainted needlepoint designs and kits that are in stock now! Get stitching sooner with one of these gorgeous designs...
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Nordic Snowflake Heart - single row
Rudolph Sweater ornament
Snowman in light blue ornament
Snowman in red ornament
Snowman in blue with red & pink scarf ornament
Snowman in blue ornament
Christmas pudding sweater
Nordic Snowflake Heart
Easy Fishing by CousinZ and Stitchin' Littles
SL-43 - Stitchin' Littles Kit Panda
SL-50 - Stitchin' Littles Kit Frognesto
SL-56 - Stitchin' Littles Southern Most Marker
SL-46 - Stitchin' Littles Flamingo Summer Fun
Barrow Court by Andy Wooldridge
Red Poppies
Red Poppies
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Ann Boleyn - British Artist needlepoint kit
Triangles by Sally Corey
Multi-colored Cowboy Boots & Hat by Prince Duncan-Williams
Celebrating Women by Sandi Garris
Floral Lumbar by Ann Wheat Pace
Abstract Lumbar by Ann Wheat Pace
Our Secret Multicolored Stallions
Grande Finale by Sandi Garris
Tree Party by Sandi Garris
Arabesque Azure by Sally Corey
Arabesque Wildflower by Sally Corey
Needlepoint Pillow Kit Wild Rose
Kids Needlepoint Kit Parrot
Kids Needlepoint Kit Tiger
Kids Needlepoint Kit Daisy Does Swimming
Christmas Needlepoint Kits Fairy - Animal Fayre littles kit
Pegasus Needlepoint Kit
Rabbits Case Needlepoint Kit
Acorns Lumbar Brick Cover - ecru
Martha's Monkey Primavera Needlepoint
Lavender Primavera Needlepoint
1227 results