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Handpainted needlepoint designs and kits that are in stock now! Get stitching sooner with one of these gorgeous designs...
1136 results
Pucci Fantasy by Sally Corey
Colorful Coral - Canvas only
Colorful Coral
From $46.00 $56.00
Jennifer Pudney Needlepoint Dog Tired
boy elf needlepoint christmas ornament kit
Jennifer Pudney Needlepoint She Slipped Between 2 Tall Trees
Jennifer Pudney Needlepoint Bird Watcher
Spain Needlepoint Ornament - Canvas Only
Aqua Flower Burst contemporary needlepoint design
Rooftops of London Needlepoint Ornament
Winter Pansies
Winter Pansies
Needlepoint Pillow Kit Sunflowers
Charley Harper Needlepoint Right Tern
Painted Chickens Needlepoint Kit
Blue Crab by Amanda Lawford
Collecting Shells needlepoint Julie Mar
D.I.E.T. Needlepoint - Canvas Only
D.I.E.T. Needlepoint
From $82.00
Sailboat at the Shore
Sailboat at the Shore
From $77.00
Pohutukawa Contemporary Needlepoint Kit
Verbena Daisy - Canvas Only
Verbena Daisy
From $132.00
Tapestry Gerber Daisies - Canvas Only
Tapestry Poppies - Canvas Only
Tapestry Poppies
From $204.00
Tapestry Tulips - Canvas Only
Tapestry Tulips
From $204.00
Seville - Canvas Only
From $86.00
Algarve - Canvas Only
From $84.00
Jennifer Pudney Needlepoint Domestic Goddess In Training
Beautiful Things - Canvas Only
Beautiful Things
From $124.00 $146.00
Voltaire Saying - Canvas Only
Voltaire Saying
From $148.00
Maori Landscape 1 - Canvas Only
Maori Landscape 1
From $62.00
Wagga Wagga abstract needlepoint canvas design.
Wagga Wagga
From $226.00
Cranes Flying South
Cranes Flying South
From $178.00
From $95.00
Simba - Multicolored Lion  - Canvas Only
Whimsical Needlepoint Typewriter
The Windy Day
The Windy Day
From $242.00
Pirate girl by JulieMar - Canvas Only
Pirate Girl
From $59.00 $72.00
Pirate boy by JulieMar   - Canvas Only
Pirate Boy
From $64.00 $72.00
1136 results