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Handpainted needlepoint designs and kits that are in stock now! Get stitching sooner with one of these gorgeous designs...
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Dachshund Summertime Needlepoint
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Going Places - Canvas Only
Halloween Needlepoint Ornament Kit Bat
Ruth Bader Ginsburg "RBG" by Thorn Alexander - Canvas Only-13mesh
Ruth Bader Ginsburg "RBG"
From $76.00 $88.00
Koi Garden needlepoint by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar Designs.
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Goldfish Gone - Canvas Only
Dachshund In The Snow Needlepoint
Dachshund In The Snow Needlepoint
From $126.00 $148.00
Halloween Needlepoint Ornament Kit Frankenstein
Halloween Needlepoint Ornament Kit Boo
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>So Near - Canvas Only
Single Lady in Wait facing Right - Canvas only on 13
Bride of Frankenstein needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar Designs.
Bride of Frankenstein
From $69.00
Emily's Goldfish
Emily's Goldfish
From $142.00
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Drying in the Rain - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint LOVE
Hamsa Needlepoint LOVE
From $72.00 $84.00
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace Love & Music
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Ginger Snow
Halloween graveyard - Canvas Only
Halloween Graveyard
From $48.00 $88.00
Black Cat halloween design by JulieMar   - Canvas Only - 13 mesh
Black Cat Halloween
From $48.00
Ghosts say BOO halloween design by JulieMar  - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint Dove
Hamsa Needlepoint Menorah Celebration
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace
Hamsa Needlepoint Hope
Klim Summer:  sunset on the dock - canvas only
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Waiting For Dinner - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace & Love
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
Sunset Safari Needlepoint - Canvas Only
If You're Afraid Of Butter Use Cream Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Pucci Fantasy by Sally Corey
Colorful Coral - Canvas only
Colorful Coral
From $46.00 $56.00
Jennifer Pudney Needlepoint Dog Tired
boy elf needlepoint christmas ornament kit
12 Drummers Drumming Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar
Eleven Pipers needlepoint ornament by Julie Mar
1126 results