Holiday Needlepoint

Holiday needlepoint including Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July.
56 results
Bunny needlepoint ornament by Charley Harper HC0262
Spring Welcome needlepoint by Julie Mar
Bride of  Frankenstein by JulieMar   - Canvas Only
Farm to Table needlepoint with rooster from Julie Mar
Harvest Blessings needlepoint from Julie Mar
Welcome Wreath needlepoint and class by Janet Stever
Colonial needlepoint by Melissa Prince
Halloween Needlepoint<BR>Endora - Canvas Only
Halloween Needlepoint<BR>Moondance  - Canvas Only
Halloween Needlepoint<BR>Hat Trick  - Canvas Only
Halloween Needlepoint Ornament Buddy O'Lantern - Canvas Only
It's All about the SHOES!  - Canvas Only
Scarecrow Antics by Janet Stever - Canvas Only
Scarecrow Antics
From $104.00
Jacobean Pumpkin - Canvas Only
Jacobean Pumpkin
From $129.00
Pippin Studio Autumn Collage - Canvas Only
Buntings stars on stripes - Canvas Only
Stripes mini star - Canvas Only
Stripes Mini Star
From $45.00
HOME in the USA - Canvas Only
HOME in the USA
From $72.00
Poison bottle Owl Hoots needlepoint - Canvas Only
Duckling on Easter egg - Canvas only
Forth of July Celebration by Sharon Ascherl - Canvas Only
Bunny easter egg with purple background - Canvas only
White bunny easter egg - Canvas only
Halloween graveyard - Canvas Only
Halloween Graveyard
From $78.00
Halloween Needlepoint Magic Mischief - Canvas Only
Halloween Needlepoint Shriek - Canvas Only
Halloween Needlepoint Head Games - Canvas Only
Poison bottle Putrid Pumpkin Halloween needlepoint  - Canvas Only
Halloween Books - new children's book series - Canvas Only
Halloween Books
From $221.00
Poison bottle Snake Bite Halloween needlepoint   - Canvas Only
Poison bottle Lizard's tongue Halloween needlepoint  - Canvas Only
Poison bottle BOOS Halloween needlepoint - Canvas Only
Black Cat halloween design by JulieMar   - Canvas Only - 13 mesh
Black Cat Halloween
From $48.00
Ghosts say BOO halloween design by JulieMar  - Canvas Only
Black Cat Plays w/ Pumpkin halloween design by JulieMar  - Canvas Only
Jack-o-lantern striped mini ball Halloween Needlepoint  - Canvas Only
56 results