Alice Peterson Needlepoint

55 results
Three Girls in Summer
Three Girls in Summer
From $126.00
Dog Books - new book series  - Canvas Only
Dog Books
From $212.00
Three Girls in Spring
Three Girls in Spring
From $126.00
African Woman in Blue needlepoint by Alice Peterson.
African Woman in Blue
From $95.00
The Classics Novels - Canvas Only
The Classics Novels
From $206.00
Christmas Books - new children's book series - Canvas Only
Paris Hotel
Paris Hotel
From $175.00
Children's Classics Books - Canvas Only
Three Fish Needlepoint by Alice Peterson
Three Fish Needlepoint
From $179.00
Snowman Christmas Tree
Snowman Christmas Tree
From $112.00
African Woman in Red needlepoint by Alice Peterson AP2885
African Woman in Red
From $95.00
Sandpipers Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Sandpipers Needlepoint
From $129.00
It's All about the SHOES!  - Canvas Only
Phantom of the Opera by Alice Peterson   - Canvas Only
Wicked by Alice Peterson  - Canvas Only
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Owl and Cardinals - Canvas Only
Winter Village Christmas Tree
Santa with gifts Christmas Tree
Snowman with Lantern needlepoint ornament
Playbill by Alice Peterson
Patterned Elephants Needlepoint  - Canvas Only
Baseball LOVE - Canvas Only
Baseball LOVE
From $72.00
Just Married by Alice Peterson - Canvas Only
Just Married
From $70.00
Kinky Boots by Alice Peterson   - Canvas Only
CATS by Alice Peterson  - Canvas Only
Hamilton by Alice Peterson - Canvas Only
Three Girls in the Fall
Penguins in snow needlepoint ornament
Santa Owl needlepoint ornament
Owl in Pink Hat needlepoint ornament
Stocking & Gifts needlepoint ornament
Santa in Chimney needlepoint ornament
HoHoHo Santa & Gifts needlepoint ornament
Snowman in Scarf needlepoint ornament
HoHoHo needlepoint ornament
Define Good - Canvas Only
Define Good
From $46.00
55 results