Animal Handpainted Needlepoint

116 results
Cecil the Lion - Canvas Only
Cecil the Lion
From $175.00
Deer and Cardinal Needlepoint Ornament
Abstract Bears Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Rabbit Ornament By Melissa Prince
Ocean View
Ocean View
From $148.00
Dachshund Summertime Needlepoint
Pippa the Panther by Thorn Alexander
Abstract Owls Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Fox Ornament By Melissa Prince
Multi colored cat needlepoint from Julie Mar
Multi-Colored Kitten
From $179.00
Dachshund In The Snow Needlepoint
Abstract Sea Life: Crab Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Sea Life: Puffer Fish Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Reindeer Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Needlepoint Key Deer - Canvas Only
Abstract Sea Life: Turtles Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Sea Life: Lobster Ornament By Melissa Prince
Fox with Holly Needlepoint Ornament
Abstract Sea Horses Ornament By Melissa Prince
Dachshund Autumn Needlepoint
And One to Grow On Charley Harper Needlepoint - Canvas Only
JP Needlepoint Leo the Lionhearted - Canvas Only
Leo the Lionhearted
From $122.00
Peering In
Peering In
From $189.00
Tree of Life needlepoint design by Catherine Nolin.
Burrowing Owl mini by Charley Harper
Otter Christmas ornament by Amanda Lawford
Dogs with Garland: Cavalier
Abstract Sea Life: Seal Ornament By Melissa Prince
Eleanor elephant by Thorn Alexander
Charley Harper Needlepoint Brrrrrrthday Needlepoint Ornament
Spring Welcome Needlepoint
Maggie Needlepoint Travelling Companion M1151
Charley Harper Needlepoint Green Cuisine - Canvas Only
A Good World - Canvas Only
A Good World
From $169.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Romance on the Richter Scale.
Charley Harper Needlepoint A century of caring - Canvas Only
116 results