Cat Needlepoint

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Cats' Whiskers<BR>Needlepoint Kit
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Waiting For Dinner - Canvas Only
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Feed me - Canvas Only
Vicky Mount Needlepoint Daisy Chain
Painted Cat Needlepoint Kit
Night Owls Needlepoint Kit
Keeping Warm ornament by Ryan Conners
Multi colored cat needlepoint from Julie Mar
Multi-Colored Kitten
From $179.00
Cats needlepoint coaster by Melissa Prince
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Reflection - Canvas Only
Pippin Studio Cat Twelves
Keeping Warm needlepoint canvas by Ryan Conners
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>So Near - Canvas Only
My Secret Garden - Canvas Only
My Secret Garden
From $115.00
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Dog's Dinner - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint -Purrfectly Perched - NEW - Canvas Only
Emily's Goldfish
Emily's Goldfish
From $142.00
CATS by Alice Peterson  - Canvas Only
Pierre the Artist by Ryan Conners
I Pledge Allegiance To My Cat needlepoint from Julie Mar
Outnumbered by Terry Runyan  - Canvas Only
Whimsical Cats by Laurie Ludwin - Canvas Only
Whimsical Cats
From $122.00
Dogs Have Owners Cats Have Staff - Canvas Only
Big Cat on Pink Couch By Catherine Nolin
Vicky Mount Needlepoint<BR>Going Places - Canvas Only
Keep Calm & Love Cats (Orange) - Canvas Only
Two Cats - Canvas Only
Two Cats
From $122.00
Cat Love Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Cat Love Needlepoint
From $129.00 $159.00
Black Cat halloween design by JulieMar   - Canvas Only - 13 mesh
Black Cat Halloween
From $48.00
Black Cat Plays w/ Pumpkin halloween design by JulieMar  - Canvas Only
Black Cat in Flowers needlepoint kit
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament Fascination - Canvas Only
Needlepoint Christmas Ornament A New Toy - Canvas Only
Corporate Cats by Needledeeva
Portrait of Marie by Ryan Conners
Little Sailor by Ryan Conners
60 results