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Nap Queen  - Canvas Only
Nap Queen
From $63.00
Strawberries by Thorn Alexander
Easy Needlepoint Kit Ballet Slippers
Colorful baby elephant - Canvas Only
Patchwork Home Needlepoint
Nap King
Nap King
From $63.00
Baby's First Christmas - Canvas Only
LOVE Heart
LOVE Heart
From $96.00
Princesses by Pippin Studios
Baby Sleeping - whales by J Child  - Canvas only
Baby Sleeping Whales
From $42.00
Green Brontosaurus Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Jennifer Pudney Needlepoint Welcome To The World
Children's Classics Books - Canvas Only
Baby Girl Lavender Heart Ornament Kit
Colorful baby elephant II
Baby Sleeping needlepoint canvas by Melissa Prince
Colorful teddy bear - Canvas Only
Colorful teddy bear
From $82.00
Girl Scout needlepoint  - Canvas Only
Eagle Scout needlepoint - Canvas Only
Superhero Emblems - Canvas Only
Superhero Emblems
From $112.00
Christmas Books - new children's book series - Canvas Only
Dancing Teddies Needlepoint
Baby Blue needlepoint heart ornament kit
Ballet book nook - Canvas Only
Ballet book nook
From $159.00
Dela Horse Ornament    - Canvas Only
Dela Horse Ornament
From $48.00
JP Needlepoint Boy Bear on Stack  - Canvas Only
Boy Bear on Stack
From $94.00
JP Needlepoint Girl Bear on Stack - Canvas Only
Bear on Stack
From $94.00
Blue Stegasaurus Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Picture Frame of Rainbow Colors - canvas only
Sports Blast Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Noah's Ark Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Animal Rug needlepoint by The Meredith Collection.
Animal Rug Needlepoint
From $135.00 $150.00
Alphabet Needlepoint By Laurel Burch - Canvas Only