Julie Mar Needlepoint

Handpainted needlepoint canvases from Julie Mar and Friends.
172 results
Bird's Gift Mini Mitt Needlepoint by Julie Mar
1 Partridge in Pear Tree Ornament - Canvas Only
Mid-Century Modern Needlepoint Vase
House by the Lake needlepoint canvas design by Steven Klein
Beach Boys needlepoint by Vicky Mount for Julie Mar Designs.
Beach Boys
From $135.00
Dachshund in the Snow needlepoint by Julie Mar
Dachshund Summertime Needlepoint
Keeping Warm ornament by Ryan Conners
Kuba needlepoint pillow canvas design.
Pucci Fantasy by Sally Corey
Porto Tile
Porto Tile
From $46.00
Aroma of Spring II- French Countryside
Preppy Poppy Needlepoint
Preppy Poppy Needlepoint
From $59.20 $74.00
Chihuahua puppy in purse
Dachshund Autumn needlepoint by Julie Mar
The Writer's Room Handpainted Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Artichokes needlepoint canvas by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar designs
ten lords leaping needlepoint ornament by Julie Mar
Barnyard Owl Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Block Party - Canvas Only
Block Party
From $219.00
Needlepoint-for-fun stitcher on red sofa
Mexican Embroidery Needlepoint
Rooster Plumage by Terry Runyan
Pierre the Artist by Ryan Conners
Kangaroos Leaping
Kangaroos Leaping
From $112.00 $142.00
Morocco needlepoint canvas by Unique NZ Designs.
From $86.00
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea What Time?
Multi colored cat needlepoint from Julie Mar
Multi-Colored Kitten
From $179.00
White Poppies needlepoint by Karen Dukes
Pansies Blue needlepoint by Julie Mar
Pansies Blue
From $153.00
Westie Puppy In Purse
Westie Puppy In Purse
From $59.00
Yorkie puppy in purse
Yorkie puppy in purse
From $59.00
Farm to Table needlepoint with rooster from Julie Mar
Farm To Table Needlepoint
From $152.00 $158.00
Six whimsical pups needlepoint by Julie Mar
I Pledge Allegiance To My Cat needlepoint from Julie Mar
Ikat needlepoint canvas in blue by Sally Corey
Ikat III Needlepoint
From $199.00
172 results