Animal Handpainted Needlepoint

72 results
Cecil the Lion - Canvas Only
Cecil the Lion
From $165.00
Dachshund in the Snow needlepoint by Julie Mar
Dachshund Summertime Needlepoint
Leo The Lion - Canvas Only
Leo The Lion
From $55.00
Dachshund Autumn needlepoint by Julie Mar
Abstract Bears needlepoint by Melissa Prince
Peering In - Canvas Only
Peering In
From $163.00
Pippa the Panther by Thorn Alexander - Canvas Only
Annie Lane needlepoint Full Bodied Birdeaux.
Multi colored cat needlepoint from Julie Mar
Multi-Colored Kitten
From $179.00
Spring Welcome needlepoint by Julie Mar
Abstract Reindeer Needlepoint Ornament by Melissa Prince.
Abstract Reindeer needlepoint by Melissa Prince
And One to Grow On Charley Harper Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Maggie Needlepoint Travelling Companion M1151
Charley Harper Needlepoint Green Cuisine - Canvas Only
JP Needlepoint Leo the Lionhearted - Canvas Only
Leo the Lionhearted
From $122.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Devotion Ocean - Canvas Only
Charley Harper Needlepoint Key Deer - Canvas Only
A Good World - Canvas Only
A Good World
From $149.00
Charley Harper Needlepoint Romance on the Richter Scale.
Charley Harper Needlepoint Scary Scenario - Canvas Only
Simba - Multicolored Lion  - Canvas Only
Fox in the Flowers - Canvas Only
Fox in the Flowers
From $49.00
Annie Lane needlepoint Bull Sit
Bull Sit by Annie Lane
From $116.00
Annie Lane needlepoint Senor Rooster
Annie Lane needlepoint Home Town.
Catherine Nolin needlepoint White Rabbit.
Charley Harper Needlepoint Brrrrrrthday Needlepoint Ornament
Charley Harper Needlepoint Ornament White Coat
Ocean View needlepoint by Julie Mar
Ocean View
From $148.00
Llama with tree needlepoint by Tapestry Fair
Charley Harper Needlepoint Gorman Heritage Farm
Turtle with glasses - Canvas Only
Turtle with glasses
From $88.00
Wake up Call by Terry Runyan  - Canvas Only
African Safari Needlepoint - Canvas Only
72 results