Judaic Needlepoint

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Hamsa Needlepoint By Thorn Alexander
Hamsa Needlepoint Dove
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace & Love
Hamsa Needlepoint Eye of God - currently unavailable
Hamsa Needlepoint LOVE
Tall Candle needlepoint by Tapestry Fair
Tall Candle
From $58.00
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace Love & Music
Purple Candle needlepoint by Tapestry Fair
Purple Candle
From $58.00
Israel Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Israel Needlepoint
From $130.00
White Dove from Treglown Designs - Canvas Only
White Dove
From $136.00
Blue Woven needlepoint - Canvas Only
Blue Woven needlepoint
From $189.00
Green Leaves needlepoint - Canvas Only
Green Leaves needlepoint
From $166.00 $208.00
Tallis Needlepoint Jerusalem  - Canvas Only
Tallis Star of David - Canvas Only
Tallis Star of David
From $190.00
Tallis Menorah Celebration - Canvas Only
Hamsa Needlepoint Menorah Celebration
Hamsa Needlepoint Hope
Judaic Needlepoint<BR>Tradition - Canvas Only
Judaic Needlepoint Jerusalem - Canvas Only
Judaic Needlepoint<BR>Game - Canvas Only
Parting of the water tallis bag - Canvas Only
Judaic Needlepoint Peace Rising - Canvas Only
Judaic Needlepoint Erev Shabbat - Canvas Only
Judaic Needlepoint<BR>Filagree Chi - Canvas Only
Judaic Needlepoint<BR>Golden City Tallis Blue - Canvas Only