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Abstract Puffin needlepoint ornament by Melissa Prince
Abstract Purple Dahlias
Abstract Rabbit Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Reindeer needlepoint by Melissa Prince
Abstract Reindeer Needlepoint Ornament
Abstract Sea Horses Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Seal Ornament By Melissa Prince
Acorns Lumbar Pillow
Acorns Lumbar Pillow -black background
Adirondack by Cindy Lindgren    - Canvas Only
Adventure by Thorn Alexander
African Beauty by P Duncan-Williams  - canvas only
African Beauty
From $232.00
African Dancers needlepoint by Prince Duncan-Williams and Julie Mar
African Kingfisher by Melissa Prince
African Safari Needlepoint - Canvas Only
African Sunset - Canvas Only
African Sunset
From $88.00
African Tiles Needlepoint Kit
African Violets by J. Child Designs   - Canvas only
African Woman in Blue needlepoint by Alice Peterson.
African Woman in Blue
From $95.00
African Woman in Red needlepoint by Alice Peterson AP2885
African Woman in Red
From $95.00
Afternoon Tea Patchwork Needlepoint kit
Alaska Needlepoint Travel Round - Canvas Only
Alcazar Patchwork Needlepoint kit
Algarve - Canvas Only
From $84.00
Alhambra by Sally Corey
Alhambra Stars Needlepoint Kit
Alice Peterson Needlepoint Bicycle and tree
All American Basket by Melissa Shirley
All American Luggage tag insert  - Canvas Only
Almond on my Mind by Fred Calleri
Alphabet Ark Needlepoint Kit
Alphabet Owls Needlepoint Kit
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
An Inquiring Mind
An Inquiring Mind
From $164.00
Anchors in blue mini shift
And One to Grow On Charley Harper Needlepoint - Canvas Only
2134 results