Modern Needlepoint Designs

Contemporary needlepoint designs for the modern stitcher. Needlepoint kits and handpainted needlepoint canvases that are not your grandma's needlepoint.
Modern Needlepoint Designs
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Abso Needlepoint Kit
Abso Needlepoint Kit
$52.00 $58.00
Alhambra by Sally Corey
An Attitude Is A Terrible Thing To Waste needlepoint pop art design.
Arabesque flower on blue
Arabesque flower on green
Arabesque flower on pink
Arabesque flower on yellow
Bee Naughty Needlepoint Kit
Bloom Pah Pah Needlepoint Kit
Blue Dodo Needlepoint Kit
C Clutch by Jeni Sandberg
Camel Trek - companion to Camelcade
Canyon Desert Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Casbah by Sally Corey
Casbah by Sally Corey
From $134.00
Colorful Flowers: Earth tones
Colorful Flowers: Flowering buds
Colorful Flowers: Greens
Colorful Flowers: Yellows
Cream Dodo Needlepoint Kit
Curious Giraffe
Curious Giraffe
From $68.00
David Bowie - British Artists needlepoint kit
Ditsy Daisies Needlepoint Kit
Don't Quit Your Daydream Small Needlepoint Kit
Easy Needlepoint Kit Hugs and Kisses
Easy Needlepoint Kit Tulip Abstract
Fall Leaves lumbar pillow kit by Cleopatra's Needle
Fine Cell Needlework Artichoke Needlepoint Kit
Fine Cell Needlework<BR>Beetroot Needlepoint Kit
Fine Cell Needlework Brown Boxing Hares
Fox in Flowers by Catherine Nolin
Frontline Needlepoint Kit
Fun Flowers Contemporary Needlepoint Kit
Garden Poppies Primavera Needlepoint
Granada Tile - Canvas Only
Granada Tile
From $56.00
Grayson Perry - British Artist needlepoint kit
118 results