Julie Mar Needlepoint

Handpainted needlepoint canvases from Julie Mar and Friends.
176 results
Catherine Nolin needlepoint White Rabbit.
Italian Tile Needlepoint
Making Merry needlepoint ornament design.
Making Merry
From $42.00
Autumn Dog needlepoint canvas by Ryan Conners
Kissmas Eve Needlepoint
Kissmas Eve
From $164.00
Tree of Life needlepoint design by Catherine Nolin.
Heart of America needlepoint canvas
Heart of America
From $79.00 $99.00
Leafy Arabesque by Sally Corey
Keep Calm and Needlepoint (Blue) - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Westie With Red Collar
Poodle Puppy In Purse
Poodle Puppy In Purse
From $59.00
Colorful Starfish needlepoint canvas by Kamala and JulieMar and Friends.
Colorful Starfish
From $54.00
Count Dracula needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar Designs.
Count Dracula
From $62.00
Pirate girl by JulieMar - Canvas Only
Pirate Girl
From $62.00
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace Love & Music
Hamsa Needlepoint Peace
Koi Garden needlepoint by Karen Dukes for Julie Mar Designs.
Dahlia needlepoint by Julie Mar
From $92.00
Spaniel puppy in purse
Scottie puppy in purse
Boston puppy in purse
Boston puppy in purse
From $59.00
Good Morning America needlepoint by Julie Mar
Good Morning America
From $144.00
Ocean View needlepoint by Julie Mar
Ocean View
From $148.00
Harvest Blessings needlepoint from Julie Mar
Cat Caravan Needlepoint from Julie Mar
I Pledge Allegiance To My Dog needlepoint by Julie Mar
Long Day needlepoint by Julie Mar
Long Day
From $69.00
Walking the Dog needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar
Surfer Boys needlepoint by Julie Mar
Swimming Friends Mini Mitten needlepoint by Julie Mar
Swimming Friends Mini Mitten
From $25.00 $42.00
Pelican With Gifts Mini Mitt Needlepoint
Purple Snowman needlepoint ornament by Purple Palm
Elvis Pop Art Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Algarve - Canvas Only
From $84.00
Canyon Desert Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Aussie Reef - Canvas Only
Aussie Reef
From $199.00
176 results