Ladies - elegant, vintage or a little scary

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg "RBG" by Thorn Alexander - Canvas Only-13mesh
Ruth Bader Ginsburg "RBG"
From $76.00 $88.00
Three Girls in Spring
Three Girls in Spring
From $126.00
Ladies in wait - Canvas only on 13
Ladies in wait
From $167.00
Needlepoint-for-fun stitcher on red sofa
Windows of Milan: Hats by Melissa Prince
Windows of Milan: Girl on chair by Melissa Prince
A folk art needlepoint angel in a window.
SHH Needlepoint by Voila - Canvas Only
9 Ladies Dancing Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar
Cosmo Girl - Canvas Only
Cosmo Girl
From $129.00
Single Lady in Wait facing Right - Canvas only on 13
Bride of Frankenstein needlepoint canvas by Julie Mar Designs.
Bride of Frankenstein
From $69.00
African Woman in Red needlepoint by Alice Peterson AP2885
African Woman in Red
From $95.00
Finding Amelia by Fred Calleri
The Next Adventure by Fred Calleri
Almond on my Mind by Fred Calleri
Tentative Steps by Fred Calleri
Wonderlust by Fred Calleri
Vespa: To the Beach by Melissa Prince
Windows of Milan: Girl in blue dress by Melissa Prince
Vespa: Mediterranean Diet by Melissa Prince
Vespa: Farm to Table by Melissa Prince
Catherine Nolin needlepoint The Queen of Everything.
Three Girls in Summer
Three Girls in Summer
From $126.00
Take a Sip by Voila
Take a Sip by Voila
From $139.00
Halloween Needlepoint<BR>Endora - Canvas Only
Just Married by Alice Peterson - Canvas Only
Just Married
From $70.00
The Windy Day by de Souza  - Canvas only
The Windy Day
From $242.00
8 Maids A Milking Needlepoint Ornament by Julie Mar.
African Dancers needlepoint by Prince Duncan-Williams and Julie Mar
Jazz Dancers - Tango - canvas only
Jazz Dancers - Tango
From $202.00
African Beauty by P Duncan-Williams  - canvas only
African Beauty
From $197.00 $232.00
Sunglasses Girl - Canvas Only
Sunglasses Girl
From $129.00
Surrounded by Maggie - Canvas Only
From $115.00
Mrs. Potato Head - Canvas Only
Mrs. Potato Head
From $98.00 $138.00
Lady Bug from Maggie Co - Canvas Only
52 results