Maggie Co. & Ewe and I

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Maggie Needlepoint<BR>Loyal and True - Canvas Only
Animal Skeletons by D DeRusha - Canvas Only
Day of the Dead Halloween Needlepoint - Canvas Only
The Next Adventure by Fred Calleri
Rooster Plumage by Terry Runyan
Australia Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Australia Needlepoint
From $70.00
Dancers Folk Art by Denise DeRusha
Musician Folk Art by Denise DeRusha
Maggie Needlepoint Travelling Companion M1151
Cat on Back by Terry Runyan - Canvas Only
My Secret Garden - Canvas Only
My Secret Garden
From $115.00
Annie-Catherine Needlepoint Yellow Vase - Canvas Only
Roll Playing By April Murphy - Canvas Only
Wedding Skeletons by D DeRusha - Canvas Only
Koala by Terry Runyan
Koala by Terry Runyan
From $146.00
I'm Owl that and More by April Murphy
Almond on my Mind by Fred Calleri
Maggie Designs Christmas needlepoint Santa Combo
Georgia Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Georgia Needlepoint
From $70.00
Hawaii Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Hawaii Needlepoint
From $70.00
Canada Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Canada Needlepoint
From $70.00
New York Needlepoint - Canvas Only
New York Needlepoint
From $70.00
Maine Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Maine Needlepoint
From $70.00
Florida Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Florida Needlepoint
From $70.00
Scotland Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Scotland Needlepoint
From $70.00
Maggie Needlepoint Shelter design of a cat in a lap
Maggie Needlepoint<BR>Fetch It Yourself - Canvas Only
Greyhounds by Terry Runyan   - Canvas Only
Outnumbered by Terry Runyan  - Canvas Only
Annie-Catherine Needlepoint Yellow Pears - Canvas Only
Maggie Needlepoint<BR>Under Cover - Canvas Only
Maggie Needlepoint Night Snow Reflections - Canvas Only
Maggie Needlepoint Checking out the girls
Maggie Needlepoint Christmas Dog
Maggie Needlepoint Lavender Fields
Evening Stroll by Terry Runyan
Evening Stroll by Terry Runyan
From $113.00 $142.00
95 results