DMC Tapestry Needles

NB: We pull threads based on an estimate of thread use from over 30 years of experience. If your kit or canvas order contains threads, and for whatever reason, you find you need more, there may be an additional charge.

DMC Tapestry Needles for Needlepoint

Tapestry needles are blunt at the tip and perfect for needlepoint. 

The package comes with 5 or 6 needles of the same size

We offer 3 sizes of needles #18 which is perfect for larger holed canvas or #13/14 mesh canvas using wool; #20 which is perfect for #13/14 mesh canvas; and #22 which is perfect for #18 mesh canvas.

We usually have tapestry needles in stock and can ship within one week.  For our shipping policies see the web site.