Needlepoint For Beginners

Learn how to needlepoint with a beginner needlepoint kit. All the instructions and things you need for a first project are inside the kit. Needlepoint is easy to learn and lots of fun.
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SL-9- Stitchin' Littles Kits Hootie
SL-07 Stitchin' Littles Kit Sunshine
SL-2 Stitchin' Littles Kit Basic Bars
SL-18 - Stitchin' Littles Kits  Mermaid Splash
SL-16 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Flamingo Fun
SL-15 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Snowman
SL-14 Stitchin' Littles Kits Unicorn
SL-13 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Later Gater
SL-8  - Stitchin' Littles Kits Patchwork
SL-12 - Stitchin' Littles Kit Red Sparkle
SL-4 - Stitchin' Littles Kit Sunny Sail
SL-1 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Simply Striped
Easy Needlepoint Kit Fish
Easy Needlepoint Kit<BR>Ice Cream Sundae
Easy Needlepoint Kit<BR>Pink Daisy
Easy Needlepoint Kit Red Lighthouse
Easy Needlepoint Kit Cupcake
Easy Needlepoint Kit Ice Cream Cone
Easy Needlepoint Kit Ballet Slippers
Easy Needlepoint Kit Hugs and Kisses
Easy Needlepoint Kit Flowers
Easy Needlepoint Kit Goodnight Moon
Easy Needlepoint Kit Three Flowers
Easy Stitchpainted Needlepoint Like A Fox In The Grass - Canvas Only
Easy Needlepoint Kit Tropical Fish
Easy Needlepoint Kit Tulip Abstract
Easy Needlepoint Kit Enjoy Life
Kids Needlepoint Kit Miaow!
Kids Needlepoint Kit Twitwoo!
Kids Needlepoint Kit Woof!
Kids Needlepoint Kit Daisy Does Ballet
Beginner Needlepoint Kits Crab
Beginner Needlepoint Kit Coin Purse Emoji
Beginner Needlepoint Kit Coin Purse Whale
Kidz Kitz -hearts
Kidz Kitz -pinwheel
124 results