Needlepoint Project Ideas

Small needlepoint projects that can be completed in a weekend. Many of these small needlepoint kits are easy to stitch and suitable for beginner stitchers.
371 results
Emily's Elephant Primavera Needlepoint
SL-32 Stitchin' Littles Kits Dreidel
SL-30- Stitchin' Littles Kits Munch
SL-34- Stitchin' Littles Covid Kitty
Staffordshire Spaniel Superfine Stitches Needlepoint Kit
Chinoiserie Monkey Needlepoint Kit
Love the Wine You're With Needlepoint Kit
Bee Naughty Needlepoint Kit
Stay Salty Needlepoint Kit
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Cosmetic Purse Tropical Fish
Modern Still Life Portraits Needlepoint Kit
Modern Still Life Palms Needlepoint Kit
Frontline Needlepoint Kit
Klimatet Needlepoint Kit
SL-27- Stitchin' Littles Kit USA
SL-26- Stitchin' Littles Kit Quiet Kitty
SL-23- Stitchin' Littles Kit Nahla Narhwal
SL-25- Stitchin' Littles Kit Dino Myte
SL-24- Stitchin' Littles Kit Bandit
SL-22- Stitchin' Littles Kit Ellie the Elephant
Born To Be Wild Small Needlepoint Kit
Don't Quit Your Daydream Small Needlepoint Kit
Once A Cheetah Always A Cheetah needlepoint kit
Elephants Case Needlepoint Kit
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Waterlilies
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Coin Purse Waterlily
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Star Fish
Stitch & Zip Eyeglass Sea Horse
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Coin Turtle
Needlepoint Lavender Heart Ornament Kit Funky Owl
Needlepoint Lavender Heart Ornament Kit LOVE
SL-03 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Two Blooms
SL-21 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Sweet Stuff
SL-17 - Stitchin' Littles Kits Festival of Lights
SL-9- Stitchin' Littles Kits Hootie
SL-07 Stitchin' Littles Kit Sunshine
371 results