Small Needlepoint Projects

Great little needlepoint projects.  Make ornaments for your Christmas or holiday tree.  Or, frame them. You can frame yourself. Here are some easy to follow instructions for how to frame a needlepoint canvas in a contemporary style.
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Stripes belt buckle kit
Brown Leopard Belt Buckle kit
Flamingos in a row Needlepoint  Ornament
Tropical Flowers Needlepoint kit
Paisley fragment Needlepoint kit
Abstract Sea Life: Turtles Ornament By Melissa Prince
Monarch Butterflies by Melissa Prince
Nautical Collage by Melissa Prince
Christmas Needlepoint Kits Fairy - Josie
Abstract Sea Life: Starfish Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Sea Life: Clown Fish Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Sea Life: Jellies Ornament By Melissa Prince
Abstract Sea Life: Hermit Crab Ornament By Melissa Prince
Flamingos in Lake Needlepoint Ornament
JOY Needlepoint Ornament
Cosmo Needlepoint Ornament
Seaside Beginners Needlepoint Kit
Abstract Zoo Animals Ornament: Elephant
Abstract Zoo Animals Ornament: Rhino
Abstract Zoo Animals Ornament: Hippo
Abstract Zoo Animals Ornament: Tiger
Abstract Zoo Animals Ornament: Water buffalo
Abstract Zoo Animals Ornament: Giraffes
Queen Elizabeth by Melissa Prince
96 results