Stitch & Zip/Stitch Ups

Stitch and Zip and Stitch Ups self finishing, small needlepoint kits. Easy needlework projects for beginners.
198 results
Stitch & Zip needlepoint Coin Purse Bright Hibiscus
Parrot stitch and zip eyeglass case
Stitch & Zip Eyeglass Case Pink and Orange Poppies
butterfly and daisy needlepoint purse kit by stitch and zip
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Pink and Orange Poppies
Butterfly and Daisy Stitch and Zip needlepoint kit coin purse
ikat needlepoint scissor holder
ikat needlepoint eyeglass case
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Ikat
Stitch & Zip Coin Purse Ikat
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse  Patchwork
morning glories needlepoint coin purse by Stitch and Zip
Hibiscus needlepoint coin purse
Stitch & Zip Coin Purse Patchwork
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Coin Purse sunflowers
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse FLW Schumacher
Stitch & Zip Coin Purse FLW Schumacher
Red Poppy needlepoint coin purse
waterlily needlepoint eyeglass kit
cabin in snow needlepoint christmas ornament by Stitch ups
Stitch & Zip Eyeglass Case Phone Booth
Stitch & Zip Eyeglass Case Flamingo
Stitch & Zip Eyeglass Case Owls
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse British Flag
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Owls
Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Purse Flamingo
Stitch & Zip Coin Purse English Crown
Stitch & Zip Coin Purse Flamingo
Stitch & Zip Coin Purse Owls
Blank Needlepoint Ornaments - Set of 3 - All blue
Needlepoint Mini Stocking Gingerbread House
Needlepoint Mini Stocking Kit Let It Snow
Needlepoint Mini Stocking Kit Della Robbia
Needlepoint Mini Stocking Kit Cardinals
Needlepoint Mini Stocking Kit Poinsettia
Needlepoint Mini Stocking Kit Santa Toys
198 results