Unique Needlepoint- canvas & threads

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Mid-Century Modern Needlepoint Vase
Preppy Poppy contemporary needlepoint design by Julie Mar
Pop Art Needlepoint Terrible Idea
Canyon Desert Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Morocco needlepoint canvas by Unique NZ Designs.
From $86.00
Kuba needlepoint pillow canvas design.
Cardinal Needlepoint By Anna See
Cabo - Canvas Only
From $66.00
Bee on Coneflower Handpainted Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Making Merry needlepoint ornament design.
Making Merry
From $44.00
Elvis Pop Art Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Dog Love Needlepoint
Dog Love Needlepoint
From $169.00
Keep Calm and Needlepoint (Blue) --
From $297.00
Needlepoint-for-fun stitcher on red sofa
Kangaroos Leaping
Kangaroos Leaping
From $142.00
The Writer's Room Handpainted Needlepoint - Canvas Only
A folk art needlepoint angel in a window.
Chinese Vase
Chinese Vase
From $176.00
Bee on Gerbera Handpainted Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Barnyard Owl Needlepoint
Bee and Honey Jar Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Wagga Wagga abstract needlepoint canvas design.
Wagga Wagga
From $226.00
Westie With Red Collar
Cat Love Needlepoint - Canvas Only
Cat Love Needlepoint
From $159.00
Big Cat on Pink Couch By Catherine Nolin
African Crowned Crane Needlepoint
Curious & Wise by Catherine Nolin
Cat and Dog - Canvas Only
Cat and Dog
From $108.00
Beautiful Things - Canvas Only
Beautiful Things
From $124.00 $146.00
Aussie Reef - Canvas Only
Aussie Reef
From $199.00
Black Lab needlepoint canvas.
Black Lab
From $122.00
Algarve - Canvas Only
From $84.00