Display Ideas for Small Needlepoint Canvases

Small needlepoint canvases are quicker to stitch and more affordable than large canvases - which is probably why we like them. But, deciding what to do with a small canvas once it's stitched can be tricky. (Drawers stuffed with small stitched canvases, anyone?)

Here are a few ideas for finishing and displaying small needlepoint canvases.

1. Stitch a series and frame them as a group.

framed small needlepoint canvases
Small needlepoint canvases can be framed gallery-style
and hung as a coordinated group.

Framed small needlepoint canvases
For a less costly alternative, find some interesting and eclectic frames,
frame the needlepoint yourself, and hang on the wall in an arrangement that
suits your style.

small needlepoint canvases
Forget the frames! Another affordable option is to wrap and glue your canvas to foam board
(you can pad it if you want) and attach them, as a group, to the wall for a contemporary look.

2. Personalize a bag.

small needlepoint canvas made into a bag
This DJ Designs Yorkie canvas was made into a bag. Most professional
finishers will be able to do this for you. Some finishers work with leather for
an upscale look.

tote bag with needlepoint inset
This tote bag has had a vintage needlepoint inset.

Sew your design onto a tote bag.
Here's a tutorial for how to do this.

3. Make an inset pillow.
mitered pillow insert needlepoint
A small needlepoint inset into a standard size fabric pillow.

4. Make a pin cushion or herb sachet.
small needlepoint herb sachet
Dragonfly 4" x 4" needlepoint filled with a lavender sachet.

5. Make an ornament.

Buy a small hanging frame - you can find them on Amazon and craft stores etc, and create a hanging ornament.

hanging frame needlepoint ornament
A hanging frame needlepoint ornament.

Or, here's how to finish a round ornament without paying for expensive finishing.

6. Create a patchwork.

needlepoint patchwork
This sofa is an extreme version of what we mean! You could sew lots of small needlepoint pieces
together to make a patchwork that could ultimately become a pillow, a footstool cover,
almost anything you like. Admittedly, you'll need a few to make a sofa!