How To Clean Needlepoint

Cleaning a soiled needlepoint is not an exact science and you might need to try a few different things. 

How To Clean Needlepoint - Lightly Soiled Areas

If your needlepoint canvas looks just a little grubby try vacuuming it first. Place a light cloth over the end of the vacuum tube so you don't transfer the dirt that is there to the needlepoint. Vacuum it very lightly, holding the nozzle slightly away from the needlepoint so it doesn't get sucked into the tube.

If there is only a small area of dirt on your needlepoint canvas then try to "spot" clean it. Do not rub. Dab the soiled area with a mild detergent solution firmly using a clean terry cloth or a cotton ball. Blot the spot with a clean terry cloth to absorb all moisture. You are trying to lift the dirt. This method is for a small area only.

Instructions for blocking needlepoint are here.

How To Clean Needlepoint - Stains

If your needlepoint canvas has a stain on it, and the blotting method has not removed it, then you may need to bring in the professionals!

This probably calls for dry cleaning. Contact cleaners in your area, especially those advertising cleaning of furnishings, and ask them if they have experience with this type of fiber. Ask the cleaner to use new cleaning fluid and to not steam press the piece (or only do so lightly) as this may damage the fibers.

If you have an heirloom piece, or an especially precious item of needlework or tapestry, you may want to look for a place that does needlework restoration. 

If you have any other good ideas or pieces of advice about how to clean needlepoint we would love to hear from you. Contact us about how to clean needlepoint.