How To Do the Needlepoint Double Stitch

Needlepoint double stitch

The Needlepoint Double stitch is simple and versatile.  Learn how to do it, where to use it, and some tips on where to start the stitch on your canvas.

Where to use the Needlepoint Double Stitch

The needlepoint Double stitch uses cross stitches of two sizes. It is non-directional which means it is best used for objects that don't move (much).

Use the double stitch to needlepoint bushes, trees, clothing, or any geometric shape. It fits in quite small spaces.

needlepoint double stitch

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Easy Needlepoint Double Stitch Instructions

The double stitch in needlepoint is simply a combination of long x stitches over 3 and a traditional x stitch over one.

Needlepoint double stitch

First stitch the long diagonal cross stitches skipping one row in between (3 up and 1 over).  You will go across the canvas, returning in the opposite direction.

Needlepoint double stitch
The second row does not line up with the first - it falls between the stitches.  Start two down and one over and continue across the canvas as you did with the first row.  The next row falls below the first - just make sure you skip a row in between.  Continue until your entire area is filled.

Needlepoint double stitch

The traditional x stitch is placed in the empty spaces. This time complete the x before going to the next space.

The traditional x can be done in the same thread, a different textured thread, or a different color.

Needlepoint double stitch 

Finally, fill in the gaps at the top and bottom. You will have to compensate here.  Just put a shorter x over 2 (pink) or a traditional x over one (yellow) in those spaces. Use the same thread that you used on the long stitches (green).


Tip on where to start the stitch

Needlepoint double stitch

If your first row is straight – especially if it’s long – start the pattern in the second position (pink).   This way you won't have two rows of single x stitches as seen at the bottom of the diagram above in yellow.


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needlepoint double stitch
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