How to Tape the Edges of Your Needlepoint Canvas

Needlepoint canvases don't have to be taped on the edges, but you'll find yourself cursing a lot less if you do. If you're stitching a needlepoint kit, or other canvas that has not been taped, then binding the edges will stop them from fraying and catching on your threads.

Here are some easy options you can use at home for protecting the edges of your needlepoint canvas.

Sew on Bias Tape

This is the best way to protect canvas edges because the fabric tape is soft, and sewing it on ensures it will stay there. Buy bias tape that is minimum 1/2" wide.

Artists' Tape

This is a good option because the tape is acid-free so it won't damage the underlying canvas, and it's sturdy. Available on Amazon and in art stores. Buy 3/4" tape. With humidity and canvas manipulation this tape does tend to eventually pull off if you're not working on a frame.

Hemming Tape

This Seams Great (and presumably other hemming tapes) work well to bind needlepoint canvas because it's nice and thin and it tends to stay on. Available on Amazon and in fabric stores.

Masking Tape

Masking tape has a bad rap for use as a canvas tape because it's not acid-free and so it eventually leeches a yellow sticky residue onto the canvas. This may or may not bother you, after all, these canvas edges are usually trimmed off eventually anyway. The good thing about masking tape is almost everyone has some in a drawer somewhere - and it stays on!