Tips For How to Thread A Needle

The thick or boutique fibers used in needlepoint can sometimes make it difficult to thread a needle. If you don't have a needle threader in your bag of supplies - and who doesn't lose these on a weekly basis? - then here are a couple of tips for threading needles with thread that refuses to cooperate.

Some threads are prone to fraying at the ends making needle threading a tear-your-hair-out proposition if you don't have some tricks up your sleeve.

Tip 1. Fold the end.

Make a tight crease in the end of the thread and push this folded part through the eye of the needle.

Same thread, same needle, but the thread slides through the eye when the frayed ends have been folded back tightly.

Tip 2. Make Your Own Needle Threader.

You will always have a needle threader on hand if you have paper in the house (or card stock).

Cut a very thin length of the paper, or card stock - about 1.5 inches long x 1/4" wide (the width depends upon the size of your needle's eye as it has to slide through it).

Fold the paper in half.

A thin strip of paper or card stock folded in half.

Place the end of the thread within this fold and slide the "threader", containing the thread, through the eye of the needle. Easy!

The paper holds the thread and slides through the needle.

We hope you have gained some useful knowledge from these tips on how to thread a needle.