Top three needlepoint decorative stitches

kindness by Sandra Gilmore
You enjoy the tent stitch and basket weave, yet you’re ready to expand into some creative stitches. You love the new Glisten threads, but don’t know how to effectively add a little sparkle without making the canvas gaudy. Those intricate, needlepoint projects you see on line look beautiful, but you don't want the stress of stringing a row of beads to look like a cob of corn.  You can do decorative stitches using one or several threads without stress.  Just read on . . .

Here are our top 3 decorative stitches that use 2 different threads.  They're fun and with our graphs, easy to follow.    If you want to do a decorative stitch, or ideas for a background stitch, but use one thread, read our article on our "Favorite Needlepoint Filler Stitches: Serendipity, Upright Cross and the Mosaic Square stitches."  Just CLICK HERE for a refresher.  

kindness by sandra gilmore

We've chosen the canvas "Kindness" by Sandra Gilmore to demonstrate- perfect for our holiday article.  You’ll notice the canvas has 2 parts: the image (Buddha) on the left, and the wording on the right.  Although the right side has lettering, there are many areas with enough space to do a decorative stitch.  And, any of our 3 stitches will work.  First, stitch Buddha and letters in basket weave or tent stitch. Now for the fun!


Criss Cross Hungarian needlepoint stitch
Criss Cross Hungarian is a personal favorite.  Although the stitches are on a diagonal, the overall effect of the pattern is flat.  In other words, it does not lean the pattern in any one direction.  Use the thicker thread for the long diagonal stitches, fill in the x with Glisten.   Here's what it looks like on a flower.

criss cross hungarian needlepoint stitch


diagonal scotch with tent needlepoint stitch

You will be stitching the Diagonal Scotch stitches first.  Again, use the thicker of the threads for these stitches.  Here's what it looks like when stitched.

Diagonal Scotch with tent needlepoint stitch


bargello with mosaic needlepoint stitch

Like the Scotch with tent, the Diagonal Hungarian Ground will make the design go towards the right. What do I mean?  Look at the finished Kindness pillow at the top of the page to see a stitch with a diagonal orientation.  The designer used a similar pattern.  And here it is . . .

bargello with mosaic needlepoint stitch
All three stitches can be used on most background spaces.  Experiment and enjoy.