Needlepoint Spiral Satin Stitch

Needlepoint Spiral Satin Stitch Is Great For Stitching Curves


The needlepoint Spiral Satin Stitch is a very handy stitch to have in your repertoire because it creates nice flowing curves in any direction and eliminates the stepped look of basketweave when curving to the left. Find this handpainted South Pacific needlepoint here.

Needlepoint Spiral Satin Stitch - How To.

Spiral Satin Stitch

It’s easy! The only thing to remember is that some of the holes will be shared with more than one stitch, so, make these holes on the tighter or inner side of the curve. Bring your needle down toward the tighter/inner arcs of the curve where the holes might be shared. See in this photo all the even numbers of this stitch, where the needle is brought up from behind, occur in the inner curve.

The stitches don’t need to all be the same length as you curve around.